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Thank you for visiting SEAU online! As we continue to develop our web site, we hope it provides fun and useful information for members of our entire community: information for the general public, and programs for parents, teachers, children and yes, even architects. Of course, the site has information specifically for current and prospective members of SEAU, as well.

Check the About SEAU and Members sections for information about the organization, our goals and what we do. Check back often to see how we update and improve the site. The What's New! section will be continually updated with the latest changes and additions to the site.

You can now download the application for membership from our application page.


Don't forget to check out the Utah Snow Load Study. It needs to be noted that this study is currently under review. There is potential for a new and updated Snow Load Study to come out sometime in the future.

Also review the The Utah Guide for the Seismic Improvement of Unreinforced Masonry Dwellings in the Library. This is an important document in Utah with the number of old URM houses that are still around that are home to our families and friends. It provides simply remedies to help improve the seismic response of a URM dwelling. NOTE: THIS DOCUMENT WILL NOT PROVIDE METHODS TO MAKE A STRUCTURE, HOUSE, DWELLING, OR RESIDENCE EARTHQUAKE PROOF.


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