Bylaws Committee
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Bylaws Committee
Brent Maxfield, Chairperson


  • Keep official up-to-date copy of SEAU By-Laws.
  • Become familiar with the specifics and details of the SEAU By-Laws.  Very few people read them. Fewer understand them.
  • Inform the SEAU Board of Directors (and membership if necessary) if the By-Laws are not being followed.
  • Write proposed By-Laws changes as directed by the SEAU Board of Directors.
  • Prepare a ballot to be sent to voting grade members of proposed By-Laws changes.
  • After voting on proposed By-Laws changes has taken place, and the By-Laws changes have been approved, make the changes in the official up-to-date copy of the By-Laws.
  • Send latest up-to-date copy (hard copy and soft copy) to the SEAU Historian to be included in the history.
  • Send latest up-to-date copy (hard copy and soft copy) to the SEAU Secretary to be included in the SEAU Directory.
  • Send latest up-to-date copy (soft copy) to the SEAU Webmaster to be included on the SEAU Web site.

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