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The following information is provided for your convenience. SEAU cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information and it should only be interpreted by an experienced and licensed engineer. We strongly urge anyone initiating a structural design to contact the Building Official and discuss design criteria. Information below should be considered background information only. Only the Building Official can determine appropriate design criteria for your project. If you need an engineer for your project, a list of engineers is available here.

Useful Documents / Links:
Statewide laws, rules, and amendments
Utah Uniform Building Standards Act,
Utah Uniform Building Standards Act Rules, State Rule 156-56.
Revised 2003 IBC Table 1805.5(5), Empirical Foundation Walls
Request for Code Amendment Application
Utah Uniform Building Code Commission

Can't find the elevation or latitude/longitude for a site? Use the USGS National Map Viewer. An interactive map will allow you to zoom into any site to determine the coordinates required for snow loads and IBC seismic design parameters. This site is best used over a broadband connection.

The USGS also has a site dedicated to Seismic Hazard Maps used in FEMA/NEHRP and the IBC codes. With the USGS National Map Viewer and the Seismic Hazard Maps, you won't have to guess any more! Be careful which map you select. There are many options depending on which code you are using. Use this data set for the 2003 IBC.

Design Criteria: Select a county from the left and design criteria will be available. Currently our records only have contact information. We are working hard to get information such as snow loads, wind speeds, frost depth, and seismic coefficients. Please note that this is a work in progress. As information becomes available, we update our records. If you are the building official for a jurisdiction and your information is not listed or current, please send an e-mail to You can attach the correct information and we will update our site. If you know the contact information for a particular jurisdiction, please let us know. We would like our database to be as complete as possible.

Need to purchase a code? Salt Lake City now has the International Code Council Resource Center. They can be found at 455 East 500 South #202, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. You can also reach them by phone at (801) 363-1350. They can help you with Code Books, Reference Materials and certification issues.


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