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SEAU Documents & Other Useful Publications


Abstract / Description

The Utah Guide for the Seismic Improvement of Unreinforced Masonry Dwellings

Unreinforced masonry houses/dwellings are typically constructed prior to 1970's. After the requirements of Building Codes to account for seismic events unreinforced masonry structures lacked the ability to properly resist seismic forces. The information provided in this document provides techniques to improve the performance of an unreinforced masonry structure.
Note: The techniques presented in this document cannot make a structure "Earthquake Proof"

The Utah Snow Load Study

Snow load requirements adopted by the state of Utah were developed based on this snow study.


SEAU's recommendations on how to prepare structural documents.

Seismic Pressures on Buried & Retaining Walls.  SEAU evening event presented by Dr. Steve Bartlett.

This document contains the slides used for SEAU's evening presentation.  Topics include methodologies, recommendation, and current research for soil structure interaction during seismic events.

Seismic Soil Pressure for Building Walls - An Updated Approach, by Farhang Ostadan.

The Mononobe-Okabe (M-O) method developed in the 1920's in Japan continues to be widely used despite many criticisms and its limitations. The method was developed for gravity walls retaining cohesionless backfill materials. In design applications, however, the M-O method, or any of its derivatives, is commonly used for below ground building walls. In this regard, the M-O method is one of the most abused methods in the geotechnical practice. Recognizing the limitation of the M-O method, a simplified method was recently developed to predict lateral seismic soil pressure for building walls. The method is focused on the building walls rather than soil retaining walls and specifically considers the dynamic soil properties and frequency content of the design motion in its formulation

NEHRP / FEMA Seismic Documents*

You may find electronic versions and ordering information for the following documents: 2003, 2000, & 1997 Editions of NEHRP Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulations for New Buildings and Other Structures with Accompanying Commentary (FEMA 450, 368, 369, 302, 303), and several other documents. Commentary can be found in Chapter 7 of FEMA 369 & 450 on soil seismic loading.

Andaman - Nicobar Earthquake by John Masek, M.S., P.E., ASIS,

The Andaman-Nicobar Earthquake occured off the West coast of Northern Sumatra December 26, 2004, at 00:58:53 (UTC).

Guidelines for the Structural Engineer of Record for the Design of Buildings and Submittal Structural Plans & Calculations - Draft, By SEAU Professional Practices & Ethics Committee

Many factors have contributed to the need for a Guideline for the Structural Engineering practice. A few of these factors include the increasing complexity of buildings and the building codes by which to design by, accelerated construction schedules, lack of adequate peer review, lack of standards of practice, and the increasingly competitive fee structures.

SEAU Recommend Minimum Requirements for Residential Submittals - Draft, By SEAU Residential Design Committee

This is a draft form of the above document intended for one and two family residential dwellings only.

Notes from SEAU Residential Design Seminar, Nov. 18, 2004

This document contains the slides used for SEAU's evening presentation.  Topics include differences between IRC and IBC, when IRC is allowed and when IBC is required.

SEAU Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics written by SEAU for our members.

Continuing Education Requirements

Outline and examples of Utah continuing education requirements

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